Easy Stitch N’ Save M9007 by McCall’s

Hello my friends! I'm so excited to Welcome a new month! I love November! Mostly, I love everything about the Fall season. I was recently in a local Joann Fabrics & Craft store and was greeted when I walked into the front door by the smell of fresh cinnamon pine cones! I just adore that … Continue reading Easy Stitch N’ Save M9007 by McCall’s


Stitch N’ Save M9009 by McCall’s

Hello my friends! Today's blog post features a pattern review of the Stitch N' Save M9009 pattern by McCall's. I hesitated on whether I should post a blog and vlog of this make because ... SPOILER ALERT: I did not like the finished garment. I have never felt so insecure about my body as I … Continue reading Stitch N’ Save M9009 by McCall’s

Pattern Review: Simplicity 8769

Hello my friends! Welcome to another Crumpets, Tea, and Sewing blog post! Today, I will be doing a pattern review of the Simplicity Pattern 8769. It's a renaissance coat costume that I made for my daughter. She will be wearing this as a Halloween Costume this year. Pattern Description: The Simplicity 8769 pattern features a … Continue reading Pattern Review: Simplicity 8769

Pattern Review | See & Sew B6437

Hello all my wonderful friends! I know I don't post often here, but I try to at least post something once a month. Today, I want to share with you a pattern review of this See & Sew B6437 pattern that I've made several times. This pattern has become my new "go to" pattern for … Continue reading Pattern Review | See & Sew B6437

Pattern Review: Butterick B6318

Hello my friends! Thank you for stopping by my little meager blog and reading my posts! Today, I am sharing my thoughts and review of the Butterick B6318 pattern. This is a 1960s retro pattern, and it is very easy! So easy that a beginner, who has had no experience in sewing whatsoever, can sew … Continue reading Pattern Review: Butterick B6318

Pattern Review: Simplicity 1278 & 8242

Hello my friends! I know it has been a while since I last updated this blog. My apologies! My family and I finally got settled into our new home here in Hermiston, Oregon. we are truly grateful and thankful to be more fully established. Now that I have my sewing room back, I have plans … Continue reading Pattern Review: Simplicity 1278 & 8242

Simplicity 8609 Pattern Review & Progress on Moving

Hello my friends! Welcome to another Crumpets, Tea, & sewing Blog Post. Today I will be doing a Pattern Review of Simplicity 8609  view E, the pleated skirt. It has been too long since my last blog post. Unfortunately, I am still not in a place, physical or emotionally, where I can work on my … Continue reading Simplicity 8609 Pattern Review & Progress on Moving

Thrifty Finds & Spring Hiatus

Hello my friends! First, I want to thank all of you for the support and feedback on previous posts. I regret that it has taken me so long to write another blog post. There are a lot of upcoming major changes for my family. My husband and I made the decision to move to the … Continue reading Thrifty Finds & Spring Hiatus

Scissors, Tears, and a Three Year-Old

My greatest nightmare just came to pass! I honestly feel like someone just played a practical joke on me while at the same time taking a metaphorical knife and cutting my already bleeding heart! I know this sentence is more than dramatic; however, the situation is just that... overly dramatic! My three-year old son mysteriously … Continue reading Scissors, Tears, and a Three Year-Old

Make Nine 2018

Hello my friends! Welcome! Today, I am sharing my Make Nine 2018 sewing projects' list. This blog site wasn't up and running until the end of January 2018, that's why I am just now making this post on the 2nd of February. Since I want to focus on building a vintage wardrobe, I have decided … Continue reading Make Nine 2018